Ways to Say

So, you screwed up, huh? It happens to the best of us. Here are some creative ways to say sorry.

Dinner Date

It's important to get the apology right the first time. So, make it good. A lackluster apology will just get you deeper in the hole.

These are some of the best ways to say sorry. You'll be off the proverbial couch in no time.

Fix a Nice Dinner

When it comes to healing old or new wounds, nothing beats good food and drink. If you're a bad cook, a nice dinner out will suffice, but fixing the meal yourself will be most effective.

By putting considerable effort into your gesture of apology, you show that the relationship is important to you. So, no Mac and Cheese... Put your heart into it.

Write a Poem

So, you think you're too cool to write a sappy poem? Well, you may be... But, all the better!

Show that you care by writing a heartfelt apology poem. You get extra points if you can find a good rhyme for "sorry".

Photo Essay

Feel like getting creative? Take an entire roll of photos of you looking apologetic and lonely.

Or, if you can, chronicle your mistake with a photo essay, with little captions describing how you went astray. The effort will be appreciated,

I'm Sorry Song

Do you know how to play an instrument? If so, consider writing a song saying just how sorry you are.

Then perform it for the person you've wronged. You may look silly, but it will win you pity.

Apology Mix Tape

Oh, so you don't know how to play an instrument... That's OK. Thankfully, musicians screw up all the time, and most of them have taken my advice from 10 seconds ago.

To make the mix tape most effective, try to include songs that have will have special meaning for the two of you. Also, make sure to end the mix on an up note to encourage rapid forgiveness.

Write a Letter

If you really screwed up, a letter saying sorry may be necessary. A well thought out, well written letter will get you on the road to forgiveness pronto.

Luckily for you, I've outlined exactly how to write a love letter saying sorry, so, you can get on that right away. [See Below]

SummaryThe most important thing to remember when trying to figure out the best ways to say sorry, is to settle on the gesture that will be the most meaningful to the person to whom you're apologizing.


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