Want to watch wife have sex with another man

by Mark

I've been with my wife for fifteen years and have a fantastic sex life. Lately, I have been fantasizing about seeing her pleasured by another man while I watch.

It's an amazing site to see people have sex and the expression of pleasure on a woman's face when she orgasms. I would like to initiate this to happen, I was thinking of surprising her with a male stripper and see how she responds... any ideas?


Hey Mark,

Yeah, I've got some ideas... But first, lets get rid of your bad one. "Surprising her with a male stripper" to see how she reacts is not a good idea. Even if your wife is generally kinky and open to new things, surprising her with some naked guy shes never met is probably the quickest way to turn your wife off to the whole idea.

Instead, start off with a conversation. Explain to your wife how excited you would be to see her writhe in ecstasy in the arms of another man. You need to test the waters and see if she is into the idea at all... She might not be interested. Most wives probably wouldn't be.

But, if she is open to getting it on while you watch... Awesome. However, instead of a stripper, look into finding someone you don't have to pay (anyway, strippers usually don't have sex). Instead, go out to a couple of bars with your wife, and tell her to try and find someone she likes. Make sure she explains the whole situation to any prospective guy, and you'll probably want to meet him too.

If you're too shy for that approach, there is always Craig's List... You can screen possible candidates, and get to know them a little before meeting.

Anyway... Good luck. Be safe. But most of all, make sure your wife is happy.


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Keep It Unreal
by: Anonymous

There are two sides to this story. It is not unusual for a man to feel excitement when thinking about watching his wife having sex with another man, and usually a well hung man. But to actually make it happen causes a host of unexpected emotions and questions. My best advice is to keep it a fantasy and enjoy the trip.

by: Sarah

I agree with Tom. No stripper surprise! I think it might take some time to find the right guy though. Most men aren't exhibitionists. But i guess thats what craig's list is for.

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