Spanish Love Poems

Here are some of the best Spanish love poems.

Spanish is a beautiful language. romantic Spanish poetry tends to roll off the tongue nicely, and is perfect for reciting to your sweet heart, or placing delicately in a love letter, like a beautiful flower... Huh?

All of these Spanish love poems are accompanied by their English translations.

spanish love poems

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Romance de la Luna
Federico Garcia Lorca

Lorca is probably Spain's most beloved and well known poet. Romance de la Luna is an interesting poem. Though not about traditional love, it is romantic in it's way.

Read more of Lorca's poetry.

Cancioncilla del Primer Beso
Federico Garcia Lorca

More fun facts: Lorca was murdered by members of the Falange political group at the start of the Spanish civil war. Also, the Canadian poet and songwriter Leonard Coen admired Lorca as a young man, and later named his daughter Lorca Coen.

Cancioncilla del Primer Beso illustrates a yearning for love, and to become love, a theme Leonard Cohen must have found appealing.

Llama de Amor Viva
San Juan de la Cruz

If you can't tell by his name, San Juan de la Cruz was a religious man, and one of Spain's most recognized writers. He was a leader of the movement of Spanish Mystic literature, and focused on the development of the soul.

Llama de Amor Viva is indeed a spanish love poem, howerver, in this instance the love is probably coming from God.

El Alfarero
Pablo Neruda

Pablo Neruda was actually a writer and politician from Chile. But, i included El Alfarero because i like it so much. The poem is written in Spanish. So, I mean, come on.

Read more of Neruda's poetry.

El Alfarero is one sexy love poem. It's sort of a well worded description of that pot making scene from Ghost.

Love is Blue

This is just a really short, simple, but beautiful poem. It's a bit of a folk gem, passed down from generation to generation.

Poema Cuarto, Canción del Esposo a su Amada
Eunice Odio

Eunice Odio was a 20th century poet from Costa Rico. She launched her career by reading her poems over the radio, under the pseudonym Catalina Mariel.

Poema Cuarto is also pretty sexy, both in the spanish and english versions. I hope you enjoy it.

El Amor Que Calla
Gabriela Mistral

Gabriela Mistral was also a Chilean poet. Her name is a pseudonym constructed from the names of two of her favorite poets Gabriela D'Annunzio, and Frederic Mistral.

El Amor Que Calla is one of my favorite poems in the spanish language. It describes the pain and saddneass that comes with love, and it rhymes nicely.


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