The 10 Most Romantic Italian Phrases

Some nice, romantic Italian phrases can come in handy. Whether you're writing a love letter, or you're headed to Rome, these Italian phrases are essential.

After all, Italy is the land of love and romance. No other language sounds quite as sweet.

Romantic Italian Phrases

I spent last summer in Italy, and spent a lot of time traveling around the country. I didn't know much Italian when i got there, however i learned these Italian love phrases pretty quickly, and they have stuck with me.

Memorize a few of these, and soon you'll be as irresistible as Don Giovanni (or Donna Giovanni, sheesh).

#1. Ciao, Bella
Translation: Hello Beautiful

This is a good one to start things off. And, "Ciao Bella" sounds so much more romantic than "Hey".

#2. Il mio cuore è per voi
Translation: My heart is for you

When it comes to romantic Italian phrases, this is as good as it gets. Short, sweet, and to the point. But, actually you should hold onto your heart. It's sort of a big deal.

#3. L'amore domina senza regole
Translation: Love rules without rules

We could get into a philosophical discussion about this one, but lets just leave it as is. It sounds nice, and it's certainly romantic.

#4. Tu sei una stella... La mia stella
Translation: You are a star... My star

This phrase is good for showing how important someone is to you. Sure, it's a little bit corny and dramatic, but so is love, baby!

#5. Ti penso sempre
I always think of you.

This is one of those that sounds romantic in Italian, but a little creepy in English. It rolls of the tongue nicely in the former.

#6. Ti sognero' tutta la notte fino al mattino.
Translation: I will dream of you all night until morning.

This phrase is nice to say when parting ways with your loved one. It's probably not true though. You'll probably dream you're in a pancake castle battling an army of Mrs. Butterworths, or something...

#7. Mia Uccellino
Translation: My Little Bird

This is a popular romantic nickname given to girls. Sounds a little better than "Honey Pie", no?

#8. Siete la mia aria
Translation: You are my air

Falling in love can be a lot like losing your breath. Just make sure to actually breathe... It's pretty important.

#9. L'amore a cieco
Translation: Love is blind

If love isn't blind, it certainly has very poor vision and needs to visit the eye doctor.

#10. Con tutto l’affetto mio
Translation: With all my affection

I saved this one for last because it is a good romantic Italian phrase to end a love letter. Even if you don't know how to pronounce it, it'll look good on paper.

Do you know any good romantic phrases in Italian? Sure you do!

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#11. amore mio: my love 
i like this one even thou it's so simple

Ti amo con tutta l'anima... 
means I love you with all my heart...

You are everything i want, I want to hold you. Not rated yet
Sei tutto cio' di cui voglio, Voglio tenere voi

I will dream of you all night till morning Not rated yet
There's not one night where you and me are not together in my dreams.

Love Phrase Not rated yet
Un Milione di baci. Love and Kisses

Mi manchi Not rated yet
Means "I miss you" - but watch the accent or they may mistake this for "my monkey". Yes, it's happened before...

Mamma mia pizzaria Not rated yet
Mamma mia pizzaria This a mean a pizza just like mamma use to make!

HEART Not rated yet

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