Love Making Tips

In need of some love making tips?

As well you should be. Sex is one of those things you can never be too good at, like cooking, or taxes.

love making tips

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Different Lovemaking Positions

Here is a list of different lovemaking positions for couples, with really, really, really good drawings of each one.

Really learn how to master these sex positions.

Experience the "Commodore Sex Act".

Sex on a First Date?

Is having sex on a first date a good idea? It depends on what you're looking for.

Here are some things to consider.

Finding the G Spot

Where is the G Spot located? And what do you do with it? And why did God hide it?

All that and more!

What is a Rim Job?

Good question...

Hint: It's not something you request from your mechanic.

First Kiss Advice

Unless you just did 14 jello shots, the first kiss is always pretty nerve racking.

But, there is nothing to fear but fear itself! And, of course, looking like a fool.

How to Kiss Good

Learn to kiss how god intended.


I hope these tips for great sex have been helpful to you. And, always remember that the key to a good sex life, is good communication.

If you want to dress up like a character from Saved by the Bell and "go down to the soda shop", you should tell your partner right this minute.

And then send me the pictures.

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