Love Letter Saying Sorry

Everybody screws up every once in a while. Writing a love letter saying sorry can be one of the best ways to get yourself out of the dog house.

Lets go over the fundamentals of writing a solid apology letter.

apology letter


Acknowledge you're Mistake / Take Responsibility

When writing a love letter saying sorry, the first thing you need to do is acknowledge that you made a mistake. Describe exactly what happened, detailing the specific actions you regret. This will show that you're not oblivious to the reasons why this person is angry with you.

However, it's important not to describe the events in such a way that could possibly make the recipient more upset with you. Use a first person perspective to show how it was possible for your reasoning to get off track. But, whatever you do, don't make excuses!

Excuses have no place in an apology letter. If you find yourself excusing your actions in the letter, stop writing. A good apology loses all it's credence when you try to defend the very transgression you're attempting to apologize for.


Show Regret

This part is straight forward enough. After you've taken responsibility for your mistake, say that you're sorry, that you regret your actions.

It's important to avoid statements such as, "I'm sorry you're upset with me". This says that the real reason you're sorry is that you got caught, not that you regret your actions.

Instead, stick to something like, "I'm so sorry i hurt you / abused your trust, etc." and, "I was wrong".


Make Some Promises

For a good apology letter to be effective, you must commit to never making the same mistake again.

This shows that you've learned your lesson, and that the relationship is important enough to you to make real changes in behavior. You must


Ask for Forgiveness

The whole purpose of a love letter saying sorry is to, in the end, receive forgiveness. It's important to wait to the end of the apology letter to do this. You must first prove that you deserve forgiveness with the three steps above.

Describe the reasons why this person must forgive you, why it's so important to you. It's OK to beg. Even though forgiveness is what you want, asking for it is still an important part of saying you're sorry.

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