Husband Birthday Gift Ideas

It is time for hubby’s birthday but you are at a total loss for good husband birthday gift ideas.

Get Creative

He really is a sweetheart, that big lug, so he deserves something really special. Everyone knows the usual gifts, but your husband is a little more unique, so he should get a gift that is a little more unique as well. No matter what you choose to give him, you want it to be as great as you think that he is.

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Gift ideas for husbands do not have to be expensive items, nor do they have to be brand new things. In fact, you could make it a game to see how many special items that you can come up with for a certain price.

Call the gift the “If I had a million dollars” box and fill it with all of the items that you would give your hubby if you had a million dollars. For instance, you could get a collection of car magazines and a few hot wheels cars, especially his dream car.

For the reader, a gift basket could include books from his favorite author as well as some new authors in his favorite genre. Introduce a vampire fan to Elizabeth Miette, for instance, or find books that cover his favorite books. Include a gift certificate to his favorite online book site so that he can finish a collection or start a new one.

Other great husband birthday gift ideas could be audio books so that he can listen to his favorite books or short stories while he is on the treadmill or during his lunch break. The tech fan would also enjoy a Kindle™, which lets him take his books in electronic form wherever he may go without having to lug a heavy book along.

Husband birthday gift ideas should not just be an afterthought. It is obvious that you put no effort into the gift if you give him yet another hammer to join his collection of Christmas hammers, Valentine’s Day hammers, etc. Unless hubby actually needs or asks for a hammer, skip it. However, if your guy is a huge tool-head, or has started a new hobby requiring specialized tools, those are a perfect gift idea.

Music lovers have a huge world of options for husband birthday gift ideas as well. For instance, get him a pair of tickets for a concert for his favorite band. (Of course, you should keep your fingers crossed that he will ask you, but don’t always assume that he will.)

If his band is not playing any shows in the area, then get him a collection of their CD’s or memorabilia. (Nothing says adorable like your guy in a faded concert tee and his tight jeans, right?) If your guy is more of a hands-on kind of guy, then buy him a guitar and some guitar lessons and let his inner rock god out to headbang (Apologize to the neighbors with a gift basket.)

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