Homemade Boyfriend Gift Ideas

So, what are some creative homemade boyfriend gift ideas that he'll actually like?

Now, I'm a guy. So, I've got a unique perspective on this stuff as I've received all kinds of gifts from girlfriends over the years. Some were great. Some were not so great. I'm going to share with you some homemade gift ideas that are going to make your boyfriend fall into all kinds of love with you.

Homemade Beer Cozy

Homemade boyfriend gift idea 3What is the one thing that all guys love? (no, not that, get your mind out of the gutter) That's right. Beer. A cute, homemade beer cozy is the best way to make sure your boyfriend thinks about you when he's out drinking with the boys.

You can make your cozy out of any cloth material, or, you can even knit one from scratch. If you need specific instructions, just ask mother Google. She knows all.

What's that you say? Your boyfriend isn't 21? Well, that's OK... Make him a Pepsi cozy instead.

Mix Tape

Homemade boyfriend gift idea 2A mix tape can be a great homemade boyfriend gift idea. Especially if you haven't been going out for very long. He'll learn a little about the kind of music you like, and he'll be able to take it with him wherever he goes.

Now, I know it's not the most practical thing to do. But, in my opinion, an actual mix TAPE (not a CD) is the coolest. If you don't think your boyfriend has a tape player, swing by a thrift store and pick one up for cheap, and include that as part of the gift.

Iron-on Transfer Underwear (or T-Shirt)

Homemade boyfriend gift idea 1The most hilariously awesome gift I ever got from a girlfriend was a pair of pink boxers on which there was plastered about eight photos of her goofy face. She made them using those Printable Iron On Transfers.

I really love those boxers though. They are so comfortable. Even though we've been apart for a while, I still wear them. The worst, though, was this one time when I forget I had them on and I had to explain to my new girlfriend why I was wearing pink boxers with another girls face all over them.

Of course, if you're not into the whole underwear thing, you could still design a creative shirt for your boyfriend using the same iron-on paper. But, he'll never expect the underwear!

A Pie

Homemade boyfriend gift idea 4The way to a man's heart is through his stomach. If you show up to his house with his favorite desert, he very well may love you forever.

If you want, try to get the pie crust to resemble your boyfriend's face. Get creative... The only thing better than spending time with you is spending time with you and desert!

Love Box

Homemade boyfriend gift idea 5What's a love box you ask? That's an excellent question. Basically, it's a box for him to keep things that remind him of you.

How do I go about making a love box? Even better question! Here's how: Go to a nearby thrift store and find a nice old box. This might run you two bucks...

Take it home and engrave both of your initials, surrounded by a heart (or whatever you want), somewhere on the inside or outside of the box. Then, fill it with a couple nice things to get him started. You could include a photo of you, mementos from dates that you may have held onto. A love Letter, etc...

A love box is a great homemade boyfriend gift idea. Basically you're giving him a vessel to keep all of the tangible things that remind him of you. What more could a boyfriend want?

More Homemade Gift Ideas

Want some more great ideas? Check out these Homemade Gifts for Boyfriends from Homemade Gifts Made Easy.

They have tutorials on how to make homemade journals, bracelets, and coupons. Check it out!

What's your favorite homemade boyfriend gift ideas? Share your ideas in the comment section below!


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