Top 10 First Date Questions

These are the best first date questions on planet earth.

Awkward silence is the evil dragon that lurks in the darkness near any first date (what on earth am i talking about?). Use these awesome questions to slay that dragon for good.

Just keep in mind that a good date means good conversation, not good questions.

Keep these first date questions in the back of your mind, but do your best to keep the date from sounding like a job interview. If you come across a topic you are both passionate about, make sure to explore it thoroughly before moving on.

If you were any animal, which one would you be, and why?

Animal Date

This is on of my favorite questions to ask on a first date. The way your date answers it will reveal a lot about their personality. It's also nice because it's not one of the usual cookie-cutter first date question. Take some time to think of your answer, as well, considering what you want to reveal about your personality.

Whats your favorite book?

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Literature is the perfect Rorschach test for compatibility. One's taste in literature reveals a dump truck's worth of personality traits, and is a great barometer for intelligence. You gotta be careful when answering this question, though. Aim to low, and you may end up looking like a dummy, to high, and you'll look snooty.

What was your last relationship like?

I wouldn't ask this question straight up, as it may appear a bit prying, but if you can naturally get your date talking about their last relationship, then do. By detailing what went wrong, and what went right, your date will reveal a good deal about possible expectations for a relationship with you.

Whats your dream job?

The benefits of this question are obvious. What does your date really want to get out of life? If your date's aspirations aren't compatible with yours, this could be a deal breaker.

What do your parents do?

Parents Date

Getting your date talking about family can be very revealing. Not only will you gain insight into your date's past, but you may learn a good deal about what your date expects out of a romantic relationship. Use this question as a gateway into the past. What's back there? Is it scary?

What's your favorite possession?

This question can be very revealing as well. You'll learn a good deal about what is really important to your date. Is it an old photo of grandma? A plasma screen TV? Britney's first album? Like i said, you'll learn a lot.

If you could have a conversation with one person, dead or living, who would it be?

This is a great first date question that can spark conversations that last hours. And, your date's answer will be telling... Who is it? Jesus? Hemingway? Condoleezza rice? All three in a cage fight with John Malkovich as referee? Just make sure your answer isn't "you baby, you." (Actually, that's a pretty good answer.)

What kind of music do you like?

This question isn't all that creative, but, these days, it's important. You can be with someone who has completely different taste in music than you, but musical compatibility will definitely improve the odds for relationship success. Also, it's a good first date question because you can use the answer to plan additional dates. For example, if your date likes jazz, remember that, and suggest a jazz club for round 2.

Dogs or Cats?

I've always liked this question because it's silly, but most people do actually have a preference. If you both prefer the same animal, you can bond over your shared love. If your preferences happen to be different, you can playfully argue your animal's superiority as if it were the definite truth.

If you could wake up tomorrow with any ability, what would it be?

Superpower Date

This question will undoubtedly result in some interesting conversations. No cop-out answers allowed, like, "the ability to do anything i want." Personally, i just wish i could fly. This is a popular answer I'm sure... But with gas prices like they are, I think it's a very sensible answer.

What questions do you like asking on a first date?

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