Does She Love Me Quiz

This Does She Love Me Quiz will help you determine exactly how she feels about you.

If one of the questions doesn't apply to you, imagine the most likely answer if it did.

Our Does She Love Me Quiz will determine whether or not...

  • She Loves You

  • She's Falling for You

  • She Likes You OK

  • She Isn't Interested

Alright, lets see how much she likes you.

She needs to talk to me...
once a week.
at least every other day.
every day.
when i drive to her place and make her talk to me.

When you talk on the phone...
she always is the one to end the conversation.
she ends the conversation most of the time.
she rarely initiates the end of the conversation.
she always waits until you have to go.

She cooks me food...
ever now and again, but it's usally toast.
every now and again, and it's pretty good.
frequently, and it's tasty.
whenever she has the chance, and it's damn tasty.

On my birthday, she would...
send me a message when Facebook reminds her.
call to make sure i was having a good day.
take me out and give me a nice gift.
throw a suprise party, and get me that awesome thing i've been ranting about, but couldn't afford.

That sort of tacky necklace i gave her...
is probably thrown out by now.
is in a drawer somewhere.
she even wore a couple times, and it's in her special drawer.
she wears once a week, and shows it off to her friends.

I think her mom...
doesn't know about me.
doesn't have a very high opinion of me.
thinks i'm a good guy.
loves me more than my mom does.

When you get too drunk with your friends at the strip club...
she mocks you on the phone.
she says she'll call you a cab.
she comes and picks you up.
she comes and picks you up, and drives your friends to their respective places, and doesn't get too mad when Ellis throws up on the back of her seat.

She has invited me...
to nothing.
to her friend's party.
to go on a vacation with her family.

I think i know...
all her fears and desires.
most of her fears and desires.
whether or not she's a Republican.
her last name.

She probably knows...
my last name.
my last name, and my favorite band.
my last name, my favorite band, and my birthday.
my last name, my favorite band, my birthday, and the names of my childhood pets.

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