Does She Like Me?
3 Ways to Know for Sure

So, you're asking yourself, "Does she like me?". Well, I've got the answer for you:

Probably not.

Just kidding, lets find out!

Does she like me

Signs of female attraction, though often apparent, can be pretty difficult to for us guys to decode. Women are always acting mysterious and confusing, like a Pynchon novel.

So, if you like a girl, but keep wondering, "Does she like me?", keep an eye out for all this crap:

1. Body Language

Body language can be an easily observable sign of female attraction. Here are some tell-tale physical signals that she is attracted to you.

What to look for:

Next time you're talking with her, see if she...

  • Leans in when talking to you

  • Makes extended eye contact

  • Plays with her hair

  • Invents reasons to initiate touch

  • Crosses her legs in your direction

  • Blushes when you're looking at her

  • Smiles more than usual

  • Laughs at your jokes, even not so funny ones

These are all strong indicators of attraction.

2. Appearance

In general, girls usually try to look as good as possible. But, if a lady is interested in you, she will try to look her absolute best if she expects to see you.

What to look for:

If you're planning on seeing each other, when you meet up, see if she happens to be wearing a new sweater, or if she spent a little more time on her makeup. Also, a new hair style or perfume could be positive indicators of attraction.

If it seems like she spent more time and energy than usual to cultivate her appearance, she's probably attracted to you.

3. Communication

This shouldn't come as a surprise, but if a woman is attracted to someone, she'll naturally want more access to that person. This means more communication.

What to look for:

Take note if she looks you up on facebook, or starts to send you text messages out of the blue.

If you're impatient, there is a way you can test this. Send her a message and take note of...

A. The amount of time it takes her to respond.


B. The complexity of the message she sends back.

A quick response could indicate that a message from you was important to her, such that she did not disregard it, or put it off until later.

If her response goes beyond what you initiated, such that it requires another response from you, this means she wants to continue the conversation, as opposed to a quick, short response, that might indicate a lack of interest.

Does she like me? Hmm... It's a good question. But, now that you know these signs of female attraction, you can attempt to figure it out.

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