When to Call
After a First Date

When is the best time to call after a first date?

Of course, this depends on how well the date went. However, supposing that things went well and you want to pursue the relationship further, deciding the best time to call after a first date can be nerve racking.

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In general, it's best not to seem too over excited by calling your date back right away. You might come off as desperate or overly available. Appearing overly available is the best and quickest way to destroy a potential relationship.

This is why it often seems near impossible to find a relationship when you're actively searching for one. Then, of course, when you're romantically unavailable, opportunities seem to spring forth from all directions.

It's an interesting phenomenon.

But, if you truly like the person, don't make her doubt your feelings by waiting too long to call after the first date.

Your date might start to see you as unavailable or uninterested and prematurely quell any emotional bond that may have been developing.

So, like so many things in life, striking the right balance is key.

If the date went well, consider sending a quick text message to her shortly after, saying that you had a great time and that you'll talk to her soon about hanging out again. Then, wait a day or so before calling to plan the second date.

By doing this, she'll know you had a good time and that you're interested in pursuing the relationship further. But the bit of time before calling back will suggest that you have a life, and that you're not desperate to rush into a relationship.

I've found this plan of action works well, but, of course, every date is different. Feel it out for yourself, and try to aim for the right balance. If you want to pursue a relationship, it's best to appear interested, but not desperate.


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