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Welcome, you hopeless romantic you. CDI is built from your questions. Need some dating tips or love advice? Feel free to ask any questions you have related to love, dating, sex, or romance, and a CDI Relationship Expert will answer your question within 24 hours. That's just how we roll.

The most frequently asked questions will become full articles, and organized into categories so everyone can learn from those who came before.

Love is complicated. But, together, we can figure it all out.

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CDI Relationship Blog
<br> The CDI relationship blog keeps you up to date with recently answered questions by the CDI Relationship Doctor, new dating tips, love advice, and love poems.
Ask the Relationship Doctor
Need some relationship counseling or dating advice? Ask the Relationship Doctor and get your answer within 24hrs.
Dating Tips for Guys
We have compiled the most comprehensive and valuable list of dating tips for guys on the internet. We have worked tirelessly, combing through scientific studies on attraction, books on relationships
Dating Tips for Women
Learn everything you need to know about modern dating. From seducing men, to sexual health, we've got some essential dating tips for women.
Dating Tips for Teens
Dating is especially confusing when you're young. But, these dating tips for teens might help you have more fun while dating as a young adult.
Free Love Calculators
Use these free love calculators to determine how attracted someone is to you.
Romantic Date Ideas
Dim the lights and cue the mood music, it's time for some romantic date ideas.
Engagement Proposal Ideas
Want your engagement to be special? Check out these creative engagement proposal ideas.
Romantic Anniversary Ideas
Brainstorming romantic anniversary ideas is no easy task. We're going to help you out though.
Love Making Tips
In need of some love making tips? We've got some of the best sex tips for young and old.
Relationship Problem Advice
Do you fear your romantic relationship may be in trouble. Our relationship problem advice might be able to point you in the right direction.
Male Gift Ideas
Do you know what he really wants? Here are the most coveted male gift ideas on planet earth.
Birthday Gift Ideas for Women
What are the best birthday gift ideas for women, you ask? Have no fear. The answers are here.
Teen Gift Ideas
Teens are tough to shop for... But, get your shopping done in ten minutes with these great teen gift ideas.
Boyfriend Gift Ideas - The Best Gifts for Boyfriends
Looking for the perfect boyfriend gift ideas. We know what he really wants.
Romantic Gifts for Girlfriends - Gift Ideas and Buying Guide
Looking for some gift ideas for your girlfriend? We've discovered the romantic gifts for girlfriends that will make her fall into all kinds of love with you.
Last Minute Gift Ideas
Here are some great last minute gift ideas. I don't know if i've ever gotten a gift before the last minute... hmm.
Free Love Letters
Read free love letters by romantic people.
Love and Sad Poems
Welcome to the best selection of love and sad poems on the internet.
Romantic Words
Do you need more romantic words in your life? From love letters to romantic phrases, we have all the words you could wrap your head around.
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